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Introducing the People Practices Podcast

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HR veterans Chuck Heaton, Chuck Kemper and Jason Anderson join forces to discuss why people practices are a vital part of business operations today, and what leaders can do to maximize their efforts.

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We often attempt to highlight HR’s key areas, but in reality, the entire world of people practices has been ruptured by the events of 2020. Solid certainties have been brushed away, old pressures have increased, and a host of new challenges have arisen.

With this in mind, Chuck Heaton, HRD Thought Leader and HR consultant, has collaborated with a range of HR professionals to delve into the subject, raising and exploring each of the most salient topics.

In the time ahead, the People Practices Podcast and its editorial series will cover pressing issues like executive leadership assessments, healthy workplace assessments, diversity and inclusion, leadership pipelines, and ways of working.

Joining Heaton for the podcast are two veritable HR veterans, whose perspectives will add vital perspectives on knotty issues; Chuck Kemper, a Senior Human Resources Consultant and global HR Executive, with over 25 years of experience leading HR teams in multinational companies.

Jason Anderson is a Senior Human Resources Consultant and global HR Executive, with deep domain experience in compensation, accounting, finance, and with 10 years leading HR Teams in multinational companies. HRD Connect Content Manager Fin Murphy is the moderator.

In the first episode of the People Practices Podcast, our panel gives us an overview of the new urgency of people practices in the business world, how the most senior business leaders should proceed, where businesses fail, and the necessity of leadership succession strategies.

With professional experience in oil and gas, construction, healthcare and more, our panel has a well-developed understanding of the recurring risks and opportunities businesses face – with added pressure caused by the uncertainty of recent times.

Drawn from a twenty-minute conversation, this initial podcast offers a taste of the topics that will be discussed. To access the full podcast, where the topics mentioned are covered in greater depth and with actionable examples, subscribe to HRD Connect.

0:39 – Meet the panel

2:58 – The importance of people practices

5:01 – What actions that should be taken by boards of directors

6:38 – Why HR is in the driver’s seat

8:06 – ‘The true nature of what drives enterprise success’

9:15 – Leadership succession within a business

9:51 – The implications of promoting staff from the front line

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