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Tara Benton, Mitie at HRD Summit UK 2020

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Watch Tara Benton, Director of Talent and Development, Mitie, discuss her session on putting recruitment technology into practice at the HRD Summit UK 2020.

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Technology and solution providers have made some impressive claims for the benefits they can bring to the hiring process. From attracting and connecting hiring managers to the right talent, improving the candidate experience and prompting impartiality, to measuring the performance and value of a great hire.

Mitie is one of the largest employers in the UK, hiring an average of 20,000 employees a year. Watch Tara Benton, Director of Talent and Development, Mitie, discuss her session on how Mitie have implemented a recruiting strategy truly supported by technology – what the process looks like for an HR practitioner, the steps that can be taken to ensure the integration process is as smooth a possible, and the kind of measurable results Mitie has seen as a result.

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