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HRD Tech Roundup - March 29th 2019

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Slack are taking on Microsoft, Culture Amp can tell you when your employees are going to leave you, and VR training is tackling workplace bias. It’s been another one of those weeks in HR Tech.

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Welcome the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

Slack are taking on Microsoft, Culture Amp can tell you when your employees are going to leave you, and VR training is tackling workplace bias. It’s been another one of those weeks in HR Tech.

So what’s been happening?

Key Players Announcements:

  • Slack have just launched a new feature which will make searching for channels – chatrooms on Slack that are allotted to a specific topic or group – easier for its users by allowing them to identify key words and topics. The feature also showcases tailored results to specific users based on the channels they participate in, their most frequent collaborators and their favourite topics (via Business Insider).
  • Oracle has rolled out new features for its Oracle HCM Cloud to improve employee and candidate experiences. The new features aim to provide a “consumer-style experience” to employees, and include chatbots, workface planning capabilities, talent acquisition tools and digital assistants (via HCM Technology Report).
  • SAP‘s digital assistant, CoPilot, can now be used by HR to improve service delivery. CoPilot makes use of conversational AI, based on natural language processing (NLP) capabilities to provide employees with more intuitive responses to queries (via TechTarget).


More HR Tech News:

  • Culture Amp has launched a new tool that will inform employers of who among their workforce is most likely to hand in their resignation. The tool will also inform employers when and why those potential departures will take place, based on a collation of workplace data from 2.5 million people worldwide (via Culture Amp).
  • Google have added new search functionalities to Cloud Talent Solution’s job search API. With enhanced features to fit the commuting and lifestyle needs of potential candidates, the new functionality adds language preferences with over 100 different languages, to allow companies to reach candidates in a wider range of languages (via HR Technologist).
  • Cielo has ditched the traditional way of shortlisting leaders and launched a global Executive Search Practice. The technology will ensure consistency, compliance and transparency in the search process and reduces the timeframe of executive hires (via PR Newswire).


New HR Tech Spotlight:

  • VR Startup Mursion has just received $8 million of funding to tackle workplace bias. The San Francisco-based startup released a new tool that provides immersive VR training for essential skills in the workplace. Mursion’s tech combines AI with live human interaction to deliver training that prepares learners for challenging interpersonal moments at work, and aims to improve emotional awareness and reduce unconscious bias in the workplace. Mursion has already seen adoption from the likes of LinkedIn, eBay and Coca-Cola (via Tech HR Series).


HR Tech Influencer Spotlight:

Who’s been causing a stir in HR Tech this week?

Influencer of the week

Are chatbots the future of recruitment? Katrina Collier has been sharing some fascinating insight on digital recruitment this week.

Tweet of the week

Did you know that 92% of early career talent own a smartphone? Great tech habits insight via Meghan M. Biro.

Quote of the week

“Investing in AI and automation is not enough to build a sustainable or productive hybrid workforce; organisations also need to ensure they have the skills, cultures and processes in place to work alongside this technology.”

Erika Bannerman, Executive Officer, Capita People Solutions on managing the shift to a hybrid human-AI workforce.

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