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Be more invested in leadership this year

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Have you thought about all the possible ways to strengthen your style of leadership? These suggestions might help in the year ahead…

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How can you instill trust within your team, here are my thoughts from speaking to various HR leaders around how you can be a more impactful, and indeed invested leader in the coming year ahead…

The world of work is incredibly demanding, and always on the cusp of dramatic and innovative change. How do you factor in these changes and adapt to what a company demands from its leader?

There are many considerations such as competition on a global scale, tempestuous markets, and of course the ever-demanding shareholders and customers, and the constantly evolving and newly designed technology changing the way we work on a daily basis.

In these volatile markets, strong leadership is the only way businesses will survive. To become a more engaged and agile leader, you can do some or indeed all of these;

Encourage both flexibility and firmness. To gain respect and be trusted you personally must learn how to be adaptable but also stand by your principles. Great leaders can collaborate and hear everyone’s opinion and then make an overriding decision that benefits everyone and the business.

Be open. To be a good leader you need people to feel like you’re approachable and honest and actually have time for their needs. It’s tempting to constantly be on your phone, but if you make time for employees and make them feel important by not attending to your phone while they have taken the time to discuss something with you it will make a difference to their self-esteem.

Stop being overly controlling. Too many leaders feel they need to control everything in their path. Learn how to delegate effectively and allow others to carry out their own job. Delegating tasks in an informed way can develop people’s leadership skills, and overall trust between you and them, and the wider-reaching team.

Set interesting goals. Purpose and passion are important when setting a direction for employees, besides salary, it’s the reason they are doing the role to a high standard. You need to set achievable and tangible goals to be able to monitor progress and understand their own personal contribution to the overall business, as well as developing them personally.

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