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The new podcast tackling the secrets of building inclusive culture head-on

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Whilst you might have a diverse workforce, if your culture isn’t inclusive – and your employees don’t feel accepted or able to fully be who they are – then your diversity efforts will fail. Because a diverse workforce needs an inclusive culture to thrive.

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The LinkedIn Global Trends 2018 report demonstrated that diversity is currently at the forefront of organisations’ minds, albeit for differing reasons – 78% of organisations want diversity to improve their organisational culture, whereas 62% are looking to boost financial performance. Whatever the underlying motivation, diversity has never been as important in the workplace.

But it’s hard to implement genuine change; there’s uncertainty as to whether or not unconscious bias training courses even work, whilst Chief Diversity Officers and Talent Leaders often lack practical recommendations on how to make their organisations more inclusive.

Last year, Hive Learning released Kaleidoscope, a mobile toolkit encouraging people to be more inclusive every day. Consulting over 700 leading sources, they curated the most practical and actionable inclusion advice and distilled them into snackable content pathways.

And this year, they’ve gone one step further by releasing their own podcast, Inclusion Works.

Inclusion Works is hosted by Fiona Young, Content Director and Head of Diversity and Inclusion Practice at Hive Learning, who explores some of the industry’s most pertinent questions with leading experts in the diversity and inclusion field.

In the first episode, she interviews Asif Sadiq, Head of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging for The Telegraph. They discuss his wide-ranging experience from the police force, to EY, to The Telegraph, and why diversity and inclusion is such a hot topic.

Asif shares his thoughts on why sometimes you need to go back to basics, the importance of giving everyone a voice, and in winning over those who feel like they’re “anti-D&I”.

Give the first episode a listen here.

Fiona will also be speaking on the 5th February in Birmingham, at the ICC, during the HRD UK 2019 conference. Her talk, ‘Inspiring inclusion: 5 Critical Steps to Put Inclusion Into Action’ will delve deeply into practical actions you can take to improve organisational inclusion.

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