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Why both culture and technology positively impact employee engagement with Salesforce

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In many companies, HR and IT departments aren’t working together enough. They don’t realise the value in collaboration, making disparate decisions without consulting one another, and this needs to change, but how?

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To enable organisations to deliver great employee experiences that help them attract, engage and retain talent these department must work together.

According to Gallup, worldwide only 15% are engaged at work, therefore representing a massive waste of productivity and human potential.

Salesforce have created a video below enabling both HR and IT departments to understand how best to collaborate.

Below are some key areas the video covers:

  • In times of change/growth you need the right tech to scale and upkeep core values and productivity. IT can help you make the right tech decisions
  • Culture starts with good people practices, but is scaled and amplified by technology
  • HR are experts in recognising where change needs to happen, no more wasted investments in employee technology

Watch the video here.

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