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Who are AVADO?

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Mark O’Donoghue, CEO of AVADO, discusses the e-learning business’ three key areas of specialty with Alan Walker.

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AVADO specialises in highly engaging online learning in three key areas.

Professional qualifications

Developing programmes in partnership with awarding organisations to help individuals gain qualifications that really matter to their careers, but delivered entirely online.

Digital transformation

Where partnerships with the likes of Google and Tableau have led to an extended suite of programmes that help marketeers be better digital marketeers or help organisations more broadly to be able to go on their version of the digital transformation journey.


Arch Apprentices, an OFSTED grade 1 apprenticeships provider takes some of those programmes that have been developed and turned them into apprenticeships, and some others beyond that as well, in order to be able to help individuals get their first job or rung on the ladder. Since the apprenticeship levy, they have been able to help organisations  create programmes that can be levy-funded in order to be able to build capability in their organisations.

For more information watch Mark O’Donoghue (CEO of AVADO) in conversation with Alan Walker below, or visit the AVADO website.

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