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Crisis leadership – how do you manage through chaos?

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It’s inevitable that within this VUCA working world we need to be prepared for constant change, and managing through change. All change brings about chaos and unpredictable circumstances. David Roberts explains.

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We all love a bit of chaos, don’t we!? Well, I think that’s why I have chosen the industries I’ve worked in which is mainly Telecoms, Technology, and start-ups. Managing through chaos can be challenging.

However, there is something to be said for accepting the chaos and embracing the ability of coming out the other side with positive results. Then doing it all again but learning from the last ride!

Crisis leadership

So, crisis leadership is about being ready for it and being motivated as you won’t get followship from others unless you have the ability to lead from the front. It is also about finding the balance between needing to lead others through an element of the chaos but also ensuring everyone involved has the ability to suggests ways forward or even stepping into that leadership role at any time.

Chaos doesn’t mean that there’s only one solution and often it’s the opposite as no one saw it coming. Empowerment is an over-used word and I feel it’s more about reminding the team that they also have the power to lead themselves and their teams through the chaos.

In summary and in my experience be a leader that creates an environment and behaviours where you embrace chaos with energy, encourage equal power across the group and do all this with the clear end result in mind.

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