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10 steps on improving the learning culture at your organisation

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Creating a ‘learning culture’ in your organisation is necessary to ensure that your employee’s performance is improving constantly. This culture also promotes engagement and encourages brain stimulation.

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Here are 10 simple steps on how you can improve the learning culture in your organisation to encourage your employees to remain motivated and engaged.

  1. Take it seriously: Create a compulsory learning culture which includes development plans and training. This shows employees a clear journey and creates goals that become motivating tools
  2. Pick a learning style that fits your organisation’s culture: Classroom learning may not have the same impact on every employee, so try to create new ways of learning through technology, virtual reality and Gamification.
  3. Simplify the process:  Brian Murphy, Head of Learning at Citi says: “We need to simplify the learning experience for our people by putting the control of learning in their hands, allowing full personalisation.” This can be done by making sure the tools and technology are available to provide people with what they need when they need it; try to make this as personalised as possible to each individual.
  4. Appreciative inquiry: Ask employees questions to encourage a self-learning mentality.
  5. Promote peer to peer learning: Last year Vodafone revealed their cross-company working plan where new employees learn through an app filled with employee contributed videos, thoughts and experiences.
  6. Encourage creativity: With a rise in technology, the culture of learning must keep up to date by being creative with it. Lynda Gratton said: We need “to understand that the answer is to do everything that machines can’t do for us, e.g. be creative, amusing.”
  7. Reward learners: This can be done through a series of rewards and benefits, this will motivate employees to maintain the learning culture.
  8. Announce an internal job posting to encourage employees to gain knowledge: Employees can develop their skills to achieve internal goals.
  9. Create a culture of reflective thinking: Encourage people to learn from past experiences and understand how they would do things differently.
  10. Simplify the learning experience: Brian Murphy from Citi suggests that HR leaders must develop the right mind-set and make the experience easily accessible. That means, HR professionals need to become story-tellers, marketers and facilitators of employee-centric learning. Do not over-complicate things and encourage employees to use the tools and skills around them.


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