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HR recruitment trends in 2018

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We hear from Natalie Limerick, Director at Morgan McKinley who reports on her personal experience of the recruitment market in Q2, she gives her insights into what jobs in the HR space are evolving and what skill-sets are being prioritised.

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Candidates continue to ask for flexible working when looking to move role, and companies must consider this to secure the top talent.

HR recruitment overview

In the second quarter of 2018, there has been an increase in hiring for HR jobs into the London Financial Services market. Talent continues to be a huge driver on growth, and to ensure clients secure top candidates in the market, they need to be competitive with their remuneration, taking into consideration all benefits offered. One area we have seen a rise, in particular, is the number of requests for flexible working coming from candidates when considering their next move. This is a trend that is increasing year-on-year.

Popular roles throughout Q2

During the last few months we have seen several roles become available that offer good opportunities for candidates. Particularly exciting positions include:

  • HR Business Partnering roles
  • Senior Compensation roles
  • Senior Recruitment and Talent positions
  • Roles with strong system or CRM management experience

Desirable skillsets

There has been a noticeable increase in jobs coming available that are from the Rewards / Compensation & Benefits field. This highlights the strong emphasis that organisations are placing on retaining their most valuable employees, as well as improving their chances of securing the top talent from their competitors. A qualification from the CIPD – the professional association for human resource management, as ever, continues to be desirable.

Predictions for the upcoming quarter

The third quarter of 2018 is traditionally not the busiest time of year in regards to HR recruitment – summer holidays historically affect the release and movement of jobs. However, following a busy Q2 and with an increased confidence across the financial services market, we predict that 2018 is going break the trend and continue to peak across Q3.

Brexit is yet to have any drastic impact on the HR market, but we do predict to see an increase of roles that request policy writing and contract harmonization (as contracts are perhaps re-negotiated/written) and specifically, more demand for global mobility candidates who will be required if roles are moved.

By Natalie Limerick, Director, Morgan McKinley

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