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Digitalisation within global mobility

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The digital world is upon us and every business is aware of the technical transformation that is happening globally. 

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This infographic is based on recent research for the RES Forum carried out by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Bader and colleagues. Benjamin is an academic partner and strategic adviser to the global mobility forum and community, The RES Forum, and Professor of Strategic Management and Organisation at the Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany.

The RES Forum

With more than 1500 members from over 750 multinational organisations in 40+ countries, The RES Forum is now the largest and most active network specialising in global mobility survey data, modelling and analytics. In this survey, The RES Forum wanted to find out what the potential is for digitalisation to radically impact the global mobility industry in the future. The results of the research have enabled it to understand the status of the digitalisation process within the responding organisations as a whole but, more specifically, within the global mobility departments of those companies from the point of view of the global mobility experts themselves.

The results contained in this report reflect not only how global mobility departments are currently affected by digitalisation but, more importantly, how they intend to take advantage of digital change and disruptive technologies to enable them to radically transform global mobility within their own organisations.


You can request a full copy of the report by contacting The RES Forum at [email protected]

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