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The one-stop-shop for HR

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Are you bombarded by information every day? Making connections on LinkedIn for no reason at all? Are you forever scrolling down your newsfeed for relevant information dedicated to your role?

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As the HR sector undergoes a series of disruption and transformation, HR practitioners along with everyone else are fighting to keep up – to keep up with news, skills, what their peers are doing and what’s going on in the industry.  It’s the survival of the fittest in a fast changing environment.

HRD Buyer Intelligence in collaboration with HRD Connect and HRD Summit has been designed to really solve these issues and pain points every HR practitioner has.  The community-driven marketplace has been designed for HR practitioners to learn from their peers, discuss what’s going on in HR and also keeps HR practitioners up to date and what’s more, it’s personalised according to each HR practitioner and their challenges.  It’s a one stop shop for HR and a tool to enable current and future leaders to drive the future of work.

What are the features on HRD Buyer Intelligence?

  • SOCIAL: Discuss topical issues with other HR practitioners all year round
  • NEWS: Stay informed on the new and the next in HR
  • LEARN: Access practical advice on how to re-invent HR
  • INSIGHTS: Access independent reviews on solution providers

HRD Buyer Intelligence are offering complimentary access to the first 20 HR practitioners who enroll on.  To ensure you stay relevant in HR, join the ‘IT’ crowd in HR and see how other HR practitioners are challenging the status quo of traditional HR. Click here to join and see what’s going on.

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