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Workplace Technology Investing to Improve the Employee Experience

by HRD Connect | Strategy & Leadership

The pandemic has propelled changes in our working environment that may have taken decades to occur otherwise. Increasingly, leaders in human resources (HR) are spearheading the advancement of the employee experience as a strategic imperative for their organisations. To this end, innovation is key.

In partnership with WorkForce Software, HRD Connect asked our audience to provide information about how technology is improving the employee experience within their own organisations. From the results of our survey, we see that deskless workers – whether they are driving, on a shop floor, in an assembly line or out in the field – are nowhere near as visible as their deskbound counterparts.

Fortunately, however, more organisations are recognising just how pivotal improving the employee experience can be. While the pandemic may have slowed down investment into this area, things are beginning to pick up once more. With greater investment and focus, new technologies are being implemented to improve the working life of all types of employees

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