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Driving talent transformation with skills development

by Coursera for Business | Talent

Recently HRD Connect teamed up with online learning provider, Coursera, to undertake some research involving over 140 Human Resources (HR) leaders worldwide.

The research looked to assess how businesses are empowering employees through learning and the crucial role this plays in an organisation’s future growth prospects.

Key findings from the research include:

  • The biggest enabler or barrier to overall business success is talent, but over 40% of senior executives globally struggle to attract the right talent.
  • More than 60% of leaders believe their talent attraction challenges have worsened since the pandemic, 82% believe it’s due to competition for talent.
  • Up to 47% of executives value professional development either “a lot more” or “somewhat more” now than before the pandemic.
  • Embedding training opportunities into company culture and providing easy access to training courses are key to enabling employees to flourish.

To find out more, download the copy of the report below.

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