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The People Leaders Report 2020

by HRD Connect | Strategy & Leadership

This year we have witnessed the greatest workplace transformation since the First Industrial Revolution. Core HR and business concepts such as engagement, productivity, and, above all, leadership, have shifted irrevocably.

In light of this, we recently partnered with Ceridian to survey our global community, to find out exactly what COVID-19 means for their businesses in terms of both challenges and opportunities.

When asked to cite their biggest current challenges, our respondents indicated that the pandemic was the most popular by some distance, with ‘uncertainty about the future’ following in second. In contrast, ‘finding the right talent’, 2019’s most popular response, was cited among just 8% of respondents. The digital skills gap, a perennial concern for HR leaders, yielded just over 2%.

To discuss the findings for this report we enlisted top industry professionals such as Dave Ulrich, management consultant and creator of the ‘Ulrich Model’, Abigail Wilmore, chief people officer, Stella McCartney, and many more.

Click ‘Download’ to receive your free copy of this must-read report.

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