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The 2019 People Leaders' Report

by HRD Summit | Strategy & Leadership

The world of work is rapidly changing before our eyes. Technological developments are providing new opportunities and novel challenges in equal measure. The war for talent has never been greater, with the youngest generations demanding far more from the workplace than their predecessors. In addition, the need for diversity and inclusion at all levels is rightly being increasingly championed.

But how are these challenges impacting business leaders? Is the traditional role of the leader dead, or has it simply changed? What characteristics must the leaders of tomorrow possess if they’re to thrive? How can we develop these leaders, and whose responsibility is it?

This year’s People Leader’s survey set out to answer these questions by taking the pulse of the global HR community. The resulting report sheds light on a number of illuminating findings: the need for leaders to be comfortable with rapid change, the work still to be done on successfully addressing digital transformation challenges, the overwhelming benefits of diversity and inclusion, and the fact that tomorrow’s leaders should prioritise clear communication over charisma.

Future-proof your organisation by taking on board the lessons learned from this year’s findings. Take stock of the challenges to be faced, consider how to nurture the leaders of tomorrow, and receive critical insights from our report’s panel of experts.

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