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HRD People Leadership Survey 2019

It goes without saying that leadership is a fickle business. Are true leaders born or are they made? If it’s the latter, how are they made? And how do you know if someone has the potential to be a great leader?

These questions are centuries old. We’ve always needed leaders, and we always will.

Whilst we can certainly learn from great leaders of the past, this doesn’t mean that we can just produce carbon copies of them. Instead, leaders need to adapt and evolve to the times, paving a way forward by predicting the landscape of the future.

In the corporate world, it’s ultimately HR’s responsibility to select, to nurture, and to develop leaders who can help us navigate through the trials and tribulations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We’re living in an era where machines are becoming increasingly prevalent – this means we need people to step up and lead the way more than ever. The world of work is becoming a complex place, full in equal measures of doubt and promise. We need leaders to get the most out of every employee and navigate through the uncertainty that the future brings.

In short, that’s why we’ve created the 2019 HRD People Leadership survey.

We want to ask our vast audience of HR professionals what they think about leadership: the main challenges, the top characteristics of a great leader, the common trials of leadership development, and how we can bring about diverse leadership at all levels.

How does your company approach leadership issues? What can we all learn from each other? How can we provide employees entering the world of work with the best chance of developing into truly great leaders?

And, once we’ve compiled the results, we’ll put together a comprehensive report – a leadership primer, if you will – outlining the state of corporate leadership in 2019. Additionally all participants who leave their details will be entered into an exciting draw to win a complimentary pass for you and a colleague to the HRD/US Summit, taking place at the Seaport Hotel, Boston on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March 2019. We have three prizes to give away!


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