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HR Leaders’ Wellbeing and Engagement Report 2020

by HRD Connect | Strategy & Leadership

Make sure you don’t overlook the wellbeing of your HR team. Use this new report to find out what HR professionals are most worried about, what keeps them up at night and how they view the organisations they represent.

With the new way of working it’s more important and difficult than ever to gauge the true sentiment of your employees. How HR professionals themselves are feeling is a question often ignored when the world talks about HR matters.

We’ve asked 250 HR professionals – practitioners, consultants and technology providers – to rate their company’s attempts to foster happiness and togetherness. At the same time, we’ve asked the participants how they themselves are feeling. The respondents were drawn from across Europe and represent a range of industries from professional services to pharmaceuticals.

Find out how HR professionals are feeling about their own wellbeing and the efforts of their company to foster happiness and togetherness.

Click ‘Download’ above to get instant access to your free copy of this must-read report.

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