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Automation is HR’s secret weapon in the post-Coronavirus war on talent

by Avature

Though acquiring talent has become little more than an afterthought for some industries during this tough time, some pockets of retail are heavily expanding to help the economy cope with the increased demand for delivery and the provision of other essential services. Not only must they do this to the best of their ability, but they must do so whilst operating remotely.

In a time of unprecedented threat to business continuity, and what is in many cases an elevated demand from the consumer, HR must enable their organisations to hire quicker and more effectively than ever before.

Recruitment is still a staple challenge for HR, even during crisis

The needs of talent acquisition changed dramatically in just a few weeks, but despite the current disruption and uncertainty, recruiting will play a key role for both companies that are dealing with a sudden spike in demand and for entire industries that will rebound in the future, and that will have to deal with an unprecedented number of applicants, commensurate with the record-breaking unemployment numbers that we’re currently seeing.

According to Get to the Future First: The Role of Automation, a new ebook from Avature:

  • 52% of talent acquisition leaders say the hardest part of recruitment is screening candidates from a large applicant pool
  • 48% of recruiters think that the biggest obstacle to having a fast and smooth process is how long hiring managers take to move candidates to the next step

The upcoming tsunami of applications, that will start phasing in as restrictions are eased, is going to exacerbate any pain points in two areas that were already a challenge for many organizations.

Why automation is the answer for everyone

As a result of these new challenges, businesses will require a method of effectively processing each individual and quickly identifying the strongest talent whilst maintaining an exceptional candidate experience.

Automation allows HR to strengthen and streamline their recruitment process and enables businesses to effectively process high volumes of candidates in order to meet their needs for a larger workforce during the current crisis.

What’s more, automation will also prove vital for organisations making the transition back to business-as-usual post-crisis.

As a result of automating their recruitment process, L’Oréal went from replying to only a fraction of the 1,500,000 candidates that apply every year to 100% of them, helping to protect their employer brand.

“The solutions that we’ve created are so specific to L’Oréal that it just feels like a team sitting outside of L’Oréal and working for us,” said Niilesh Bhoite, Chief Digital Officer for the Global HR Function, L’Oréal.

Prepare for the future of work

Discover how you can prepare for the new business landscape with recruitment automation by downloading Get to the Future First: The Role of Automation, the brand-new free ebook from Avature, featuring case studies with global brands, insights into the future of automation, and much more.

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