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Mental Wellbeing Toolkit

by Virgin Pulse | Wellbeing

Ensure your people feel supported and cared for and get tips on how to beat work-from-home burnout for your employees.

Get access to this mental wellbeing toolkit which covers:

  • Useful insights such as 45% of employees have reported feeling emotionally drained from work since the pandemic began.
  • Reasons to prioritise employee mental health and wellbeing with a toolkit for where to begin.
  • Actionable tips on how to beat work-from-home burnout for your employees.
  • Research behind COVID-19, chronic conditions and mental wellbeing and key factors in helping prevent mental health conditions.

Virgin Pulse, part of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, helps employees thrive at work and across all aspects of life through its award-winning wellbeing platforms. Virgin Pulse’s flexible, culture-first technology solutions are designed to meet organisations where they are on their wellbeing journey today, and grow with them as their business and wellbeing needs evolve.

Click ‘Download’ to get your complimentary access to this exclusive toolkit…

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