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Addressing 2022's key trends to achieve organisational success

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Factors like the ‘great resignation’ and digitisation are set to influence organisational operations next year. How can leaders strategise for success?

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As leaders near the end of the year, the key HR trends of 2022 are already in sight.

The ‘great resignation’ continues in several parts of the world and could have a lasting impact on how organisations function. Digitisation, in the practices of A.I., analytics and automation, increasingly influences personal and professional lives. Climate politics, as highlighted by recent governmental and environmental events, looks set to drive a mass transition to green energy.

The implications for organisations are massive, affecting everything from sourcing and retaining top talent to harnessing the benefits of innovation.

With this in mind, Chuck Heaton, HRD Thought Leader, has collaborated with a range of HR professionals to delve into the subject, raising and exploring each of the most salient issues.

Joining Heaton is Chuck Kemper, CHRO of the American Bureau of Shipping, who has over 25 years of experience leading HR teams in multinational companies.

Accompanying Heaton and Kemper is Sanjay Harrichand, CHRO of Stratum Reservoir, who has over 20 years of experience leading HR teams in the mining and energy sectors. Last but not least is Jason Anderson, VP of HR at U.S. Physical Therapy, Inc., who has spent the last decade leading HR teams in multinational companies.

In this episode of the HRD Live Podcast, the panel addresses key themes of 2022 and the values that leaders must follow to achieve success. Listen to the podcast to discover insights including:

0.45 – Why organisations are adopting a more agile approach to strategy

1.56 – How HR could become more aligned with the C-suite to drive the organisation ahead

2.42 – The challenges and new considerations posed by the ‘great resignation’

3.31 – Why retired professionals could become as important as younger generations in the workforce

5.58 – Focusing HR strategy on key principles to ensure effectiveness

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