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Josh Bersin's new research on prioritising organisational health

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The industry virtuoso outlines the four layers of organisational health and why it matters

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As leaders express an intense focus on physical and mental wellbeing, the work-life balance, actionable feedback, and preventing professional burnout, it’s clear that organisational health is no longer an added benefit, but a strategic priority. Josh Bersin’s view on this is clear: prioritise organisational health.

With the challenges caused by the ‘great resignation’ in several parts of the world, leaders must now plan how to secure organisational health to ensure that teams are effective and key objectives are met.

Adding fresh insight to the conversation is the Josh Bersin Company, which last week released its new report with the aim to ‘examine the benefits of taking a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to wellbeing.’

To discover more on this pressing topic, industry virtuoso and HRD Thought Leader Josh Bersin shares his thoughts on the newest episode of the HRD Live Podcast.

Please note that as this was a remote recording, the audio quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time. Listen to the podcast to discover senior-level insights on:

0.52 – Why do organisations of different sizes and sectors have the same health priorities?

1.23 – The four layers that contribute to organisational health: employee safety, employee wellbeing, healthy work and healthy organisation

3.02 – Creating a system of talent mobility to help motivate employees

4.26 – How an overwhelming focus on financial success risks pushing employees beyond their limits

5.36 – Recent corporate scandals that display a lack of concern for organisational health

6.20 – Why employees should be empowered to help reinvent organisations in challenging conditions

7.13 – An analysis of which part of the HR hierarchy should be responsible for organisational health initiatives

8.35 – The benefits of organisational health for employees, including key outcomes

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