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Veolia UK on maintaining HR strategic effectiveness

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Beth Whittaker, chief human resources officer at Veolia UK and Ireland, outlines how the firm has stayed on track under heightened pressure

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Veolia UK is one of the nation’s leading environmental solutions firms. It employs over 14,000 professionals and is on a mission to create a circular economy, which aims to eliminate waste and pollution, recycle goods and materials, and revitalise the environment.

Undoubtedly it’s a lofty ambition, and will require immense effort by the organisation’s teams to achieve it – so what role is HR playing to support the company’s functions?

Enter Beth Whittaker, chief human resources officer at Veolia UK and Ireland; a member of the firm since late 2015, Beth rose to the most senior HR role in September 2019.

As CHRO, Beth has undertaken a range of initiatives, including: redesigning the HR function to better work alongside other initiatives, launching a four-year HR strategy in accordance with its Group Impact 2023 strategy, and becoming the firm’s deputy lead as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold.

In the latest episode of the HRD Live Podcast, Beth reflects on a number of topics, including how her firm’s resilient HR strategy is set to play out over the next few years, how the company opened lines of communication and support to team members, and the principles that underpin its plans.

Please note that as this is remote recording, the audio quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time.

1.01 – Veolia UK’s corporate mission and why it matters

1.30 – New health and safety concerns for key workers

2.05 – Creating resources to offer clarity to teams under pressure

3.20 – Pivoting to producing new products that team members needed

4.25 – Addressing the needs of co-located staff transitioning to remote working

6.10 – Why collaboration came to the fore in the workplace

6.52 – Emphasising clarity and consistency when setting out long-term plans

8.30 – Defining purpose within HR strategy

10.35 – Attracting, developing and retaining team members from a variety of backgrounds

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