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Promoting authentic D&I today with XPO Logistics

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Mark Simmons, HR & QHSE director of UK & Ireland, XPO Logistics, outlines how the major firm is pursuing authentic D&I at all levels of the organisation

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Over the last month, professionals have witnessed brands across the world take part in LGBT pride month, from posting supportive social media updates to launching ongoing organisational initiatives.

One organisation is XPO Logistics, one of the world’s largest transportation and logistics services, with a workforce nearly 100,000 staff members strong. Following on from its support of pride events in the U.S., XPO announced it would be a key sponsor in this year’s Birmingham pride festival.

In an atmosphere where brands are expected to follow through on their actions, it’s important to understand how XPO is not only speaking out for change publicly, but pursuing it within the organisation.

As such, how is the firm breaking down barriers to entry and progression? In what ways are they measuring progress and success? Plus, how are they meeting the changing needs and expectations of today’s professionals?

Answering these questions, and more, is Mark Simmons, HR & QHSE director of UK & Ireland at XPO Logistics. Discover Mark’s perspective on how XPO is working to create authentic D&I, to the benefit of its teams, customers, and objectives.

Please note that as this is remote recording, the audio quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time.

1.01 – Aligning D&I strategy with company values

2.09 – Creating a workplace culture where people can be themselves

3.30 – Building an attractive brand to aid the talent acquisition process

4.27 – Working to create a broad talent pool, overcoming unconscious bias

5.10 – Ensuring that employment and development opportunities are open to people from a range of backgrounds

6.27 – Devising a people-led strategy that is encouraged by all layers of the workforce

7.09 – Measuring D&I progress through metrics and why it matters

8.25 – Encouraging an internal talent pipeline to develop tomorrow’s leaders

9.51 – Developing flexible working to ensure that employees’ needs and expectations have changed

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