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Hitachi Europe on optimising organisational performance after disruption

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Stephen Pierce, deputy managing director and CHRO at Hitachi Europe, offers insights on driving organisations and professionals to success in the return to work

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Joining us on the latest HRD Live Podcast is Hitachi Europe’s Stephen Piece. The leading technology firm’s deputy managing director and CHRO discusses how leaders can enhance organisational performance through strategy; overcoming the disruption of the recent past, instituting an effective return to work policy, and embedding flexibility to deal with future challenges.

Repeatedly voted one of the UK’s most influential HR leaders, and an appointed Companion of the Chartered Management Institute, Stephen is a prolific speaker on trends including transformation, culture and leadership. In this podcast, Stephen details the interconnected factors that leaders must address in their plans; enhancing employee wellbeing to drive productivity, offering clarity to teams on changing ways of working, and taking a phased, considered approach to executing strategy.

With organisational return to work plans either in motion or soon to start, it’s vital learn to new insights regarding this large and complex logistical exercise, which will have a serious influence on organisational and professional performance in the time to come.

Please note that as this was a live recording, the audio quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time. Listen to the podcast to discover senior-level insights:

1.11 – The importance of organisational and professional wellbeing

2.40 – Why wellbeing has been adversely affected in recent times

3.21 – The new demands of future ways of working

5.10 – Building a workplace culture with purpose and how it differs from the past

7.00 – What are FOMO and FOTO?

8.20 – How to create pull factors for professionals in the return to work

9.45 – Scheduling work in a safe and efficient manner

11.00 – Prioritising employee needs in hybrid working

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