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Fujitsu Global's Jason Fowler on defining organisational priorities

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Jason Fowler of Fujitsu Global outlines why leaders need to be able to define organisational priorities to compete in a disrupted market

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It’s clear to all HR leaders that organisations are operating in a disrupted market, leading to a rise in remote working, dramatically altered forecasts and uncertainty over the time ahead.

However, it’s important to recognise the differences between organisations; for instance, a technology startup in the west doesn’t face the same opportunities and challenges as a legacy brand in the east. As such, beyond the wider trends, it has become vital for leaders to better define key organisational priorities while strategising, or else risk falling behind the competition.

Jason Fowler, Fujitsu Global’s VP, HR Director UK & Head of HR Northern & Western Europe, joins the HRD Live podcast to outline the importance of acknowledging and resolving organisational priorities. Fowler includes factors such as devising a credible future of work strategy, building on the benefits of flexible working, factoring in unforeseeable influences, and aligning organisational priorities with employees’ priorities.

Please note that as the podcast was recorded remotely, the audio quality may fluctuate slightly from time to time.

Listen to the podcast to hear exclusive insights on:

1.10 – Addressing the near-term future of work in organisations

2:08 – “A dissonance between what leaders say they want… and what they do”

4:40 – How traditional ways of working have blocked underrepresented groups from advancing in organisations

6:51 – The risk of rebuilding barriers that have potentially excluded professionals in the past

8.58 – “What is the purpose of our office?”

9.33 – HR’s impact on the digital experience

10.20 – The need to offer an equitable, frictionless employee experience

12.00 – Why the absence of social interaction has shaped professional expectations

13.05 – Whether organisations have re-evaluated their priorities in the way that teams have

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