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Shaping the employee experience with Liz Pavese, Limeade Institute

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Co-located working has taken a major hit in 2020, and as a result, so too has employee experience. Liz Pavese, Sr. Director, Limeade Institute, helped us take a closer look, examining the importance of employee experience and its relation to wellbeing.

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Over the years, the importance of corporate culture and employee experience has become much more clearly-defined. We’ve reached a point where we can comfortably proclaim these things as core, defining elements of a workplace. For this very reason, the loss of them at the hands of a global pandemic has been lamented all the greater.

Every experience we have, whether it’s going to a restaurant or spending a day at work, is made up of a series of moments that together shape how we feel about the experience. The moments can range from walking into the building, meeting a coworker in the hallway or participating in a performance review. Each moment can have a positive, neutral or negative impact.

But not all moments are created equal. For years, progressive organizations have designed experiences for their employees because they recognize that the experience can mean the difference between success and failure for their organization. Now, it could be the perfect time for your organization to join those leading the way by putting employees first.

This is a view held in no small part by Liz Pavese, Senior Director, Limeade Institute, who joined us as an honorary guest for this week’s HRD Live Podcast. Liz has over a decade of experience working with companies to optimize their employee experience listening strategies, build flexible talent management practices, and assess and align culture. She has a passion for helping organizations bring a more caring and humanistic employee experience to life by integrating organizational psychology into robust technology and service solutions.

During this episode, Pavese offered a comprehensive rundown of employee experience, starting by explaining what it is and the role it plays in the workplace, and going on to outline how it can be cultivated, and how it ties in with wellbeing.

1:20 – The definition of EX

2:47 – The most important ingredients in creating an effective EX

6:48 – How to craft a tailor-made EX for a large workforce

8:50 – Measuring the outcomes and effectiveness of EX

13:02 – Creating EX in a digital, remote-first world

18:04 – Using wellbeing to create a strong EX

21:27 – The organizational effects of strengthening EX

23:26 – Liz’s top tips for rejuvenating EX

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