5 Things We Learned This Week – May 29th 2020

Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Chuck Heaton's top tips for communicating with leadership, Dr. Alan Watkins on why HR needs to stop talking about mental health, and more.

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From Chuck Heaton’s top tips for communicating with leadership, to post-pandemic positives for the world of business, and Dr. Alan Watkins on why HR needs to stop talking about mental health, here are 5 things we learned this week on HRD Connect.

1. Communicating with senior leadership got much easier with Chuck Heaton’s top tips

“How can HR professionals utilise their presence to better communicate with senior management? Well, in short, stay engaged and know your audience.” So says HRD Thought Leader Chuck Heaton, in his 7 top tips for communicating with senior management in your organisation. Effective communication has never been more crucial or at higher risk – it’s up to HR to make it happen.

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2. HR needs to stop talking about mental health and act

Dr. Alan Watkins, author of ‘HR (R)Evolution: Change The Workplace, Change The World’, took HR leaders to task this week on dealing with mental health, and showed us how we might light a path to a brighter future for mental health in the workplace.

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3. Post-pandemic could be a brighter future for business

With three months of lockdown already behind us, it is important to break from the crisis mentality every now and again. So, as the world prepares for an eventual return to work, HRD Connect identified 3 potential positives that leaders may be able to take advantage of in the aftermath of the pandemic.

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4. HR needs to rethink talent for the post-pandemic world

In more future-facing thought leadership, we took a look at the world of talent post-pandemic. Regardless of how the working world will look in the aftermath of COVID-19, a major shift in the talent space is to be expected. To deal with this change, HR must be more vigilant than ever before in structuring retention and acquisition plans. How can HR face the future head-on?

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5. Emotional intelligence could define the next generation of leadership

As a new generation of leaders emerges, organisations must ensure that they are primed to adapt to change and manage effectively. The key to this could be managing competencies from a strategic perspective, and Mamta Gera, CEO, The New Leadership UK, believes that emotional intelligence is one of the most crucial. Find out why.

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