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5 things we learned this week - June 5th 2020

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Every week, we give you 5 key takeaways from our insights and thought leadership on HRD Connect. This week: Katrina Collier’s take on how COVID-19 could accelerate automation in the talent space and Jon Ingham’s analysis of social leadership.  

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1. The elevated role of HR

People are central to the success of a business, and this is particularly true in the midst of a crisis. As a result, HR is set to occupy a more important seat at the table. “HR has been elevated and given a central role in managing the changes organisations are undertaking during this pandemic,” said Mary Ryan, CEO & Founder, Advancing Wellness, as she outlined how HR will lead the way post-pandemic.

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2. In a rapidly changing world of work, personal agility could be the answer

Kevin Empey, HRD Thought Leader & Managing Director, WorkMatters Consulting, explored an alternative angle to navigating crisis in his article for HRD Connect this week. Empey believes this may require a strong personal mindset, and may have less to do with the wider company. Would you agree?

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3. Are we set to see a widespread shift to social leadership?

Naturally, as the working world changes, the methods of working change with it. HRD Thought Leader Jon Ingham believes this will be the case post-pandemic, with a greater emphasis expected to be placed on project-based, distributed work, and leaders orchestrating this from above.

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4. Will talent solutions become automated? And is this a smart move?

With the process of acquiring and managing talent being heavily disrupted, the consensus is that a further shift to artificial intelligence could result. HRD Thought Leader Katrina Collier offers her analysis of this scenario, explaining why leaders should step back, assess and make a rational decision.

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5. L&D is being hit hard by COVID-19, and this could be permanent

Though given comparatively little airtime, learning and development has been sharply affected by the ongoing disruption, and leaders are having to adapt, fast. We explored this further, examining whether these changes could become permanent.

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