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HRD Tech Roundup - April 20th 2020

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A host of HR tech companies step up to support those in need during the COVID-19 crisis this week, as LinkedIn connect essential businesses to the workers they need, JustWorks put coronavirus relief at the top of their agenda, Censia come to the rescue of displaced workers, and more.

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Welcome to the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

A host of HR tech companies step up to support those in need during the COVID-19 crisis this week, as LinkedIn connects essential businesses to the workers and volunteers, JustWorks puts coronavirus relief at the top of its agenda, Censia comes to the rescue of displaced workers, and more.

Key Players Announcements:

  • LinkedIn has announced that it will connect essential businesses, such as hospitals, with qualified employees and volunteers free of charge. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company is expanding its longstanding Recruiting For Good program, which uses LinkedIn employees to help healthcare organizations and disaster-relief non-profits fill positions (via CNBC).
  • Topia has integrated with Workday to achieve Workday Approved Integration status, which demonstrates that Topia has completed minimum interoperability, security, and integration requirements to meet customer use cases. The Topia platform enables companies to bring employee mobility data into a single view (via Enterprise Times).

More HRD Tech News:

  • Justworks has launched a new tax deferral feature and Paycheck Protection Program reporting functionality, as part of a dynamic COVID-19 relief centre built into its software. The relief centre enables customers to opt into deferring their employer-paid Social Security taxes and granting businesses access to more working capital to pay their people as early as their next payroll cycle (via HR Technologist).
  • Censia has launched the ReadyToHire initiative, which uses AI to match workers displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic to job openings at companies with urgent hiring needs. Censia leverages AI to model thousands of factors that predict role fit, discovers transferable skills, and then finds those qualified job seekers from Censia’s database of more than 500 million professionals (via Yahoo! Finance).
  • BetterUp has partnered with AB InBev in order to offer a new global pilot program to drive diversity, foster an inclusive work environment, and provide coaching and support in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Participants now have unlimited access to BetterUp’s coaching platform, which includes 1:1 sessions, personalized coaching, access to specialists, stress management, and work/life balance for working parents with children at home (via BusinessWire).
  • GoCo has launched a new feature built to help businesses handle new regulations and processes related to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). The new feature calculates the correct amount of leave time for each policy. It also asks the employee to provide the correct documents and allows the employee to select from government-approved reasons for the request (via HR Technologist).

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