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Creating a 'performance culture': Cathy Desquesses, Sodexo

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Cathy Desquesses, Chief People Officer, Sodexo, discusses creating a performance culture, real and effective D&I strategy, why social consciousness is so crucial to their business, and much more.

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In this week’s episode of the HRD Live Podcast, Michael Hocking is joined by Cathy Desquesses, Chief People Officer, Sodexo.

Cathy and Michael discuss how Cathy set about creating a ‘performance culture’ in Sodexo, why social consciousness matters so much to Sodexo as a business, the potential of HR as a strategic partner in business, real and effective D&I strategy, and much more.

Cathy Desquesses has been Sodexo’s Chief People Officer and a member of the Executive Committee since July 2018. Cathy joined Sodexo from General Electric (GE), where she built a successful 20-year career in Human Resources, most recently as Global HR Leader of GE Power Gas, based in Switzerland. She also held senior HR roles at GE Corporate, GE Power, GE Capital and GE Oil & Gas, as well as at their global head office, working in France, the United States and Italy.

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