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HRD Tech Roundup - October 28th 2019

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There are new innovations and partnership transformations this week, as JazzHR partners with Planted, Ceridian transforms Dayforce, SAP Announce a three-year deal with Microsoft, and more.

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Welcome to the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

There are new innovations and partnership transformations this week, as JazzHR partners with Planted, Ceridian transforms Dayforce, SAP Announce a three-year deal with Microsoft, and more.

So, what’s been happening?

Key Players Announcements:

  • JazzHR has partnered with smart career platform Planted, to help companies hire faster and effortlessly. Through the partnership mutual customers will be able to automatically receive chosen candidates from Planted in their JazzHR account, which will create a faster, more secure transition from application to hire all within one platform (via PR Newswire).
  • Bullhorn has integrated with Secured Signing to allow digital signature capabilities from within Bullhorn’s applicant tracking and customer relationship management system. With this integration, recruiters will be able to easily send documents to candidates or clients for signing digitally, with the signed documents stored in the candidate record automatically (via Onrec).
  • Slack has announced updates to its integration with long-time partner Salesforce Sales Cloud, which will make it easier to embed Slack throughout Salesforce’s two primary cloud services. The updates include the ability to search and preview detailed Salesforce records like accounts, cases and opportunities on the same platform, automated notifications form Salesforce within Slack, ability to share information so records can be sent form Salesforce directly to Slack (via ZDNet).

More HRD Tech News

  • Appogee HR has announced an integration with LinkedIn’s applicant tracking system (ATS), LinkedIn Talent Hub. This allows for an all-in-one solution for candidate tracking throughout the hiring process, shifting seamlessly through hiring to employment (via The Global Recruiter).
  • SAP has announced a three-year deal with Microsoft in order to help its large enterprise customers move their business processes into the cloud. The partnership, named ‘Embrace’, is aimed at assisting clients run operations hosted at remote servers supported by SAP’s flagship database (via Herald Journalism).
  • Cielo has announced the launch of a new online tool called the “Recruiting Tech Navigator.” The tool provides talent acquisition professionals with an interactive database that easily navigates, catalogues and identifies various technology solutions on the global market. The Recruiting Tech Navigator allows talent acquisition leaders to evaluate solutions across all six steps of the hiring process: talent planning, candidate generation, assessment and matching, selection and offer, onboarding and engagement, and reporting and analytics (via PR Newswire).
  • Ceridian announced the launch of new innovations in their existing HCM with Dayforce Intelligence, Dayforce Wallet and Dayforce Hub. Dayforce Intelligence combines data with predictive technologies to identify key metrics for each HCM process, thus allowing the organization to see their current score easily (via Business Wire).
  • Lever has announced a host of major updates to its platform, which includes integration with Zoom, to launch an enhanced version of Lever Talent Intelligence and expanded integrations with leading HRIS systems. There are also significant performance upgrades, UI updates, and a new feature called Inactivity Alerts. With the Zoom integration, customers can effortlessly incorporate Zoom into their interview scheduling workflow (via Business Wire).

HRD Tech Founders Q&A

Rob Newry, Founder & CEO, Arctic Shores

“Many companies state that their staff are their greatest asset, yet HR has been one of the last departments to get any technology investment other than Applicant Tracking Systems or HR Management Systems. It has been about efficiency rather than engagement and effectiveness.

The good news is that in the last 5 years or so, there has been a significant growth in HR tech offering to fill the gap around engagement and effectiveness. The challenge is to understand which of the offerings are suited to your organisation and what the ROI will be for each one.”

What is the true potential of HR and how can technology help us to achieve it?

In this installment of our HRD Tech Founders Q&A series, Rob Newry, CEO & Founder, Arctic Shores, reveals how neuroscience and new technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of how people and business function together, and paving the way for a new generation of workforce optimization.

Read the full HRD Tech Founders Q&A.

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