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HRD Tech Roundup - April 19th 2019

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It’s been a suitably forward-thinking week in HR Technology over the last seven days, as Ceridian expand Dayforce with all-new features, TMP Worldwide use machine learning to revolutionise performance reviews, and O.C. Tanner go big in India.

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Welcome to the HRD Tech Roundup – your one-stop update of everything happening in the world of HR Technology.

It’s been a suitably forward-thinking week in HR Technology over the last seven days, as Ceridian expand Dayforce with all-new features, TMP Worldwide use machine learning to revolutionise performance reviews, and O.C. Tanner go big in India.

So what’s been happening?

Key Players Announcements:

  • Ceridian has expanded Dayforce to include Benefits Decision Support, Dayforce Assistant and Dayforce On-Demand Pay. The new features will improve the Dayforce cloud platform’s functionality and expand its breadth (via HCM Technology Report).
  • O.C. Tanner has acquired the recognition and rewards technology and business of Kwench, an India-based company that delivers cutting-edge, easy-to-use corporate recognition solutions. The agreement will combine the global footprint of O.C. Tanner and SaaS technology platforms of Kwench to enhance value to clients everywhere (via HR Technologist).
  • Microsoft, Mastercard and Workday have joined forces for a public-private initiative, focusing on building the USA’s cybersecurity talent pipeline. The Cybersecurity Talent Initiative will offer graduates a chance to gain experience working for cyber defence programs in the government and commercial sectors (via Executive Biz).

More HRD Tech News:

  • TMP Worldwide has announced the release of Priority Score – a proprietary machine learning model for predicting and acting upon job performance. The new technology quickly identifies openings that are lacking necessary or receiving an inordinate amount of candidate flow and automates alerts and actions across the TalentBrew platform and into search, social and programmatic media channels (via HR Technologist).
  • Wurknow has introduced a new workforce management platform for blue-collar workers. The blockchain-based workforce management company’ new platform will utilize its unique information-sharing solution to empower both agencies and employees to conveniently schedule jobs, send proof of work, and store important data for record keeping and compliance (via HR Technologist).
  • Namely has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program as a Cloud Identity technology partner. The collaboration will give Namely’s customers greater options to unite their HR and identity solutions in order to simplify user lifecycle management and improve security (via HR Technologist).

New HR Tech Spotlight

  • London-based HR Tech startup Howamigoing has announced an additional £890k in seed funding. The performance management specialists will use the investment to build out their Sales, Marketing and Customer Success pipelines. “This fundraise is a great show of support for the global rollout opportunity ahead of us”, Julian Cook, founder and CEO, said (via BusinessCloud).

Tech Founder Interview:

“There is a big disconnect between the business and HR. Business want to know if workforce cost is aligned with future earnings potential, if people are fit for future work, if the workforce is engaged to outperform, if the top potentials are ready to lead tomorrow, and so on. Meanwhile, HR is struggling with asking the right questions, wastes valuable time to consolidates data from disconnected systems and working around definitions. And in the little time there is left, they try to make an Excel with a few graphs.”

Dirk Jonker, Founder and CEO, Crunchr, reveals how reporting and people analytics are empowering HR to realise its full potential. Read the full interview here.

HR Tech Influencer Spotlight:

Who’s been causing a stir in HR Tech this week?

Influencer of the week

It has to go to Meghan M. Biro this week, for fuelling essential discussions about the future of work.

Tweet of the week

Thoroughly thought-provoking insight into the state of people analytics via Andrew Spence.

Quote of the week

“In one study, researchers from University of Waterloo and Duke University found that job listings in male-dominated fields – like software programming – used more masculine language, like “leader” or “dominate.” Such language, they learned, made the positions less appealing to women. Even including mandatory requirements – such as personal qualities or years of experience – can influence who applies. Research has shown that many women won’t apply for a position unless they meet all of the requirements, whereas men will apply if they meet just 60 percent of the listed requirements.”

Fascinating insight into how artificial intelligence is becoming more intelligent in tackling unconscious bias from Kay Cooper, Korn Ferry. Read the full article here.

That’s all for this week. Join the conversation below.


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