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75% of tech adoption programmes fail – make sure yours doesn’t

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75% of all technology programmes fail to deliver. Sounds like an HR horror movie, doesn’t it? In fact, it’s an HR reality. Let’s not shy away from the truth: tech adoption is risky. Without the right guidance, it’s downright terrifying.

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If your target audience don’t embrace your new tech, your ROI is at risk. And, often, you’ll end up needing to spend more to fix the problem.

So, how do you make sure your next initiative falls into the happily-ever-after 25%? How do you get tech adoption right?

Here at LACE, tech adoption is both our passion and our craft. We’ve built a leading reputation for driving change and innovation, while protecting our clients’ ROI, stability, and longevity.

We do that by bringing you long-term systems and ways of working that are right for your organisation, and for your people. Because when you work strategically and put people first, you get glowing results.

Here’s what we believe is integral to successful tech adoption. We call it the LACE-way:

  1. We ensure safety and security, at every step

You probably don’t want us to remind you of that chilling stat we shared at the top of this post. But having a full understanding of the risks is vital to getting tech adoption right. So here it is again in all its gory glory: 75% of all technology programmes fail to deliver.

We don’t shy away from truths like that, which puts us in the leading minority. You can count on us to always tell it like it is. We know what’s at stake, and we use that knowledge to protect you from risk, and guide you safely towards success.

We believe it’s bold and brave to be flexible. Tech adoption is both an art and a science, and we’re constantly honing, refining and tweaking our approach as the landscape shifts.

  1. We bring you hard stats, and behavioural change

All too often, tech adoption approaches just focus on the ‘how to’, simply improving user interfaces and chasing faster ‘clicks’ rather than creating real change.

Of course, the nitty-gritty of user experience counts – big time. But it’s only part of the equation. We take an extended, holistic approach that focuses on UX, UI, and clicks, and on people themselves. Their personalities. Their needs. Their routines. Their motivations. Because it matters, immensely.

Beliefs and behaviours are integral to guaranteeing deep, sustainable tech adoption. Anything else just scratches the surface, and can even alienate your employees. Which of course hits your culture, hits productivity, hits employee retention, and hits your bottom line…

  1. We deliver strategy-driven success, with a helping hand from our leading partners

Tech adoption is a strategic process. We plan, deliver and monitor your adoption programme, placing people analytics at the heart of your journey.

And we educate and inspire your teams along the way, too, with face-to-face sessions, as well as digital and video content. Our bespoke training and support programmes put your people first, to guarantee success. We listen and respond. If there’s something your employees feel would help but that’s not yet available, we make it available to them.

We’re proud to be bold and independent, but haven’t got where we are today by going it totally alone. Since day one, we’ve been the chosen partner of some of the best adoption platforms in the business. This allows us to further enhance the quality and impact of everything we bring you.

Applelearn’s cloud-based ADOPT platform is a prime example. It brings you the unique ability to boost the user adoption of Applelearn’s SaaS tools. Make it Happen – a specialist provider of UX designs – is another key example. We collaborate with the Make it Happen team to create smart, effective user journeys to drive the uptake of innovative software.

We won’t pretend tech adoption is as easy as one, two, three. But the values we’ve just shared are at the core of our tech adoption offering. And they’re what puts our projects in that successful 25%.

But that’s enough from us. Hear it from the ones who really matter: our clients.

“They’re some of the best people I’ve worked with on these types of projects. They’re committed and loyal: I’m a big fan.”

Deb Lee – CPO, YNAP “I personally have huge trust in LACE. The team they’ve selected for me are super-talented. They fit my style, my business and the YNAP culture really well. They’re some of the best people I’ve worked with on these types of projects. They’re committed and loyal: I’m a big fan. If I was to move to another role and have to do the same again I would call LACE straight away.”

If you’re keen to keep pace with the latest tech, for the long-haul, drop us a line. We love chatting through problems and opportunities. And, who knows, we might just end up working together.

To get in touch, email [email protected]

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