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Infographic: Mental health at work

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HRD Connect conducted a survey about mental health in the workplace and we wanted to share our key findings, some results make for unsettling reading and has made it quite clear how far we are yet to go with fully accepting and understanding all levels of mental health both in and outside of the workplace.

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Work is where we spend a lot of our time, we earn a living there and some of us make really good friends at work – it’s important that we feel a sense of belonging and happiness at work. However, stress in the workplace is rife in the UK which in turn can lead to a plethora of other mental health issues.

Mental health in UK workplaces

Those living with mental health problems contributed to an estimated £226 billion gross value added to UK GDP, this is a huge issue from an ethical and economic perspective, therefore, we need to heighten the importance of addressing this in the workplace – if we work in a hostile environment the results can be damaging and ever-lasting upon our mental health.

HRD Connect carried out an extensive survey with our audience asking questions about how they feel mental health is addressed within their workplaces, in the infographic below we’ve shared our key findings and will be releasing a detailed report about the survey.

No-one should have the suffer at work – it’s time to call this out and end the stigma for good!

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