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HRD Summit/Europe 2018: highlights

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Hear direct from our HRD Community as they share their experiences of the HRD/Europe 2018 event, held in Amsterdam in May 2018.

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The 8th HRD Summit/Europe held on the 22 and 23 May 2018 welcomed 450+ Senior industry and HR leaders from across the globe at the RAI, Amsterdam.

The event themed: ‘Curators of the New Business Landscape: Building an Agile Future’, focused on the role HR leaders have in shaping the strategic direction of the organisation – providing nimble solutions to navigate today’s diverse and complex business environment.

Across a jam-packed 2 days we heard speakers from all over the world share their knowledge through interactive and inspiring sessions. Guiding the discussion were senior HR leaders from companies including: Daimler, Bosch, Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola, and Deutsch Telecom.

Attendees from 35 countries walked away with ready-to-implement strategies to create more harmonious, productive working cultures. Highlights included a powerful and authentic keynote from Dr. Susan David and Wanda Hope; demonstrations in our HRD Tech Village; engaging conversations in our Thought Exchange discussions and delicious cocktails at Appical’s networking drinks among many more.

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