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Engagement at PepsiCo

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Katey Howard, Senior HR Director, South West Europe speaks to HRD Connect about engagement at PepsiCo. Katey shares the recent challenges PepsiCo have faced within their talent strategies and how they retain high levels of engagement throughout the whole company.

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Watch our exclusive interview with Katey Howard about the high levels of engagement that exist within the company culture at PepsiCo, and why this is.

Katey also talks about the need for companies to truly tailor a career around the needs of the employees. For example, employees could be in different stages of their lives needing different reward offerings. Katey also discusses the crucial need to treat every employee differently and not as a collective group, she says often ‘people feel lost’.


“Challenges arise regularly in this new and very volatile working environment. Organisation structure evolves and the way people build their careers change over time,” says Katey.

Full exclusive interview below

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