Download exclusive interviews with MOL Group’s strategic HR head and other top business leaders

HRD Connect has added its own Soundcloud channel where you can download our exclusive interviews with key HR industry leaders.

All the interviews are longer than the video cuts, giving you the chance to hear more from our guests on the most important subjects to HR leaders.


MOL Group’s head of group capability development and strategic HR Vivian Oroz is using embracing technology to tackle a major challenge for the oil and gas sector – recruiting new workers.


Interserve’s group director of HR Catherine Ward explains why communicating in the right language is vital for HR leadership to be successful and how she implemented cultural change programme.


Dow corporate vice president of human resources and aviation Johanna Soderstrom discusses the the evolution of HR and the benefits of using analytics.



Ebay VP HR International Tom Brown explains that the technology giant is learning from its younger Silicon Valley rivals and why HR needs to own the employee experience.




Bunge EMEA CEO Tommy Jensen talks about why he feels the HR director is now the most important person in helping guide a business.


Bunge EMEA VP of HR William McClain explains how he built such a strong working relationship with his CEO, Tommy Jensen.


Pizza Hut’s HR and marketing director Kathryn Austin explains why she brought the two departments together and how it has impacted internal and external communications.


Royal Dutch Shell’s EVP of HR for Europe and downstream discuss why the multinational giant has simplified its leadership approach.


Marshall Goldsmith explains more about his approach to strong leadership and whether he has met his lifetime goals.


Dame Stephanie Shirley offers her views on the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace and the future challenges for HR.


Howard Webb expands on how to manage different personalities and the need to be open to new technologies, including introducing video technology in football.


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