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The Globalization of Teams

by Omnipresent | Digital HR

The world is in the early stages of a transformation in how we work, where we work, whom we work with, and what even constitutes a workplace. This will revolutionize how the global economy is organized and drive significant innovation and economic growth. The fortunes of individuals, companies, and even entire cities and nations will depend on how they respond to this transformation.

We call this transformation the Globalization of Teams.

It will directly impact the knowledge industries (the focus of this report), as well as many other service professions that are typically conducted face to-face or in a shared workspace.

In the future, these industries will be dominated by Global Teams comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds in locations scattered around the world. Teams who, despite their distance, will collaborate highly effectively online.

The Globalization of Teams will have many profound effects on the world economy and society, which we’ll explore in this report:

  • An increasing rate of innovation and economic growth
  • A geographical reshuffling of activity away from mega-cities
  • A new, open, and inclusive global team culture

To know more, download the full report below.

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