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The Future of Work & Wellbeing

by Hintsa | Culture

In March 2020, leaders around the world were caught off guard. COVID-19 hit, and suddenly, everyone who could was working remotely. However, few noted this: the disconnection of work from time and place had been a trend for decades—the pandemic simply accelerated the existing trend.

In partnership with Aalto University’s Future of Work research group, this latest report takes an overview of the future of work and wellbeing for leaders.

Download this report to discover: 

  • What could a workday look like in 2040 based on current trends?
  • Given the macro-trends in the workplace, how is leadership changing?
  • What does the ‘future of work’ really mean and how will it affect us?
  • What trends are we seeing in the corporate wellbeing space?

To find out more, download the copy of the report below.

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