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The future of HR

by KPMG | Employee Benefits

Before the COVID-19 crisis, the world of people management was certain and predictable. Advancements were made through the lens of best practice, and by learning from what other organisations had done.

Our 12 HR Pathfinders tell us of 2022 that the pre-COVID-19 playbooks such as how to organise the HR function itself, practices used in talent and employee management, performance management, and workforce planning and structure are no longer relevant.

Pathfinders were first identified in our 2020 research, in which we found around 10 percent of organisations leading their peers on adding strategic value; and integrating the HR function into the wider organisation. In this year’s research, we have identified a number of HR functions that are preparing for the future by taking strategy to the next level; integrating digital technology and relational analytics; building talent marketplaces; and putting purpose and wellbeing first.

To know more about these factors, download ‘The future of HR Report’ guide above.



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