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The Employee Engagement Report 2020

by HRD Summit | Talent

With the untold disruption caused by COVID-19, keeping employees engaged, happy and productive has never been more challenging or more important.

Given the urgency of this topic, we wanted dig a little deeper into the situation, and did so by posing some key questions to our audience of senior HR professionals.

We queried the frequency and manner in which their leaders communicate with their teams, which (if any) technologies are used to make this process smoother, and perhaps most importantly, how they evaluate their organization’s approach to engagement.

From the responses, we were able to compile a large body of qualitative data, and form this into a comprehensive industry report. Furthermore, we are thrilled to feature Sarah Mason, Chief People Officer, Foxtons as an expert contributor to the report.

Our hope is that you are able to identify with the challenges raised, and that the results can help guide you in your mission to create a resilient and engaged workforce.

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