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Rethinking what we need from work

by Mercer | Employee Benefits

What do our employees want from work?

If we can answer this seemingly simple question, we can facilitate professional growth, foster meaningful engagement, and crucially, impact organizational success. The answers lie within a complicated, dynamic, and changing landscape, but this comprehensive report gets to the heart of the question. Discover:

  • The dimensions of employee well-being and satisfaction, from ensuring financial security to striking the right work-life balance
  • The roadmap for aligning organizational strategies with employee expectations
  • The blueprint for a workplace culture that proactively addresses these needs to enhance retention, productivity, and overall performance

As the business landscape evolves, so do the aspirations of the workforce. Keep up to date by delving into this report and gaining the knowledge and tools to attract, retain, and nurture top talent by supporting employees’ most pressing needs.

To know more, download the full report now!

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