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Leading the charge: Pursuing Generative AI opportunities safely and at pace

by GenSafe | Business Transformation

Discover how to safely and effectively integrate Generative AI into your business strategy. Download the GenSafe Report in partnership with Hive Learning now for comprehensive insights and practical guidance.

  1. The Impact of Generative AI on Businesses: The report discusses how Generative AI has significantly influenced various sectors, leading to improved efficiency and profitability. Examples include EY’s use of AI for audit fraud detection and Microsoft’s programming automation.

  2. HR’s Role in Promoting Responsible AI Usage: It highlights HR’s critical role in ensuring safe and effective GenAI usage within organizations, focusing on extensive training and establishing governance policies.

  3. Tailoring Training for Effective AI Deployment: Emphasizes the need for specific training programs in GenAI, adapted to team use cases and industries, to ensure safe, secure, and successful practices.

Download the full report now!

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