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HR agility: Leveraging technology in uncertain times

by Personio | Employee Benefits

The role of the HR department has changed drastically over the last three years and must continue to evolve to adapt to the new world of work. A new survey by all-in-one HR software provider Personio has shed some particularly interesting light on the extent of this drastic change. The research explored how businesses in the era of hybrid work keep workers connected to colleagues and company culture and how employers monitor their workforces’ needs. The study looked at which technology they are using to understand where they get the most ROI. It then explored the steps that HR departments are taking to ensure employees remain engaged when it comes to progressing in their careers.

Personio is the all-in-one HR software solution with a mission to enable better organisations. Their cutting-edge technology facilitates seamless. HR processes throughout the employee lifecycle, including recruitment, onboarding, performance and payroll.

The survey revealed:

  • Over 70% of HR managers said the recession would affect their objectives for 2023.
  • Some 55% of companies are still relying on HR legacy systems and outdated solutions.
  • Only 12% of respondents use analytics or employee data to forecast when an employee is likely to resign.

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