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Employee Onboarding: Automating The Experience

by Bizagi

Beginning a new job and undergoing onboarding can be stressful for both employer and employee. However, this stress has been amplified by COVID-19.

Countless business operations have been affected by COVID-19, and as a result, extra effort must be applied to helping your employees feel like it’s business as usual – especially new starters. Their opinion of you as an organization hinges on their onboarding experience.

In the article, ‘How to improve the employee experience during onboarding’, Bizagi’s Drew Jaehnig explains how organizations can optimize the way they induct new starters into the business, even if it has to be carried out remotely.

The benefits of getting onboarding right

If you can welcome your new employee with an effective onboarding process, you will reap the benefits. These include:

  • Establishing a strong employee relationship from the outset
  • Delighting new employees, which in turn has a positive impact on their productivity
  • Efficiency means employee can begin working quickly
  • Promoting company culture and commitment to organization
  • Improve employee retention from a positive first impression

Automating the onboarding experience

According to the Talent Board North American Candidate Experience Research report, when digital onboarding is used in the hiring stage, new employees are more productive within their first few weeks of work. This sets the stage for the rest of the employees’ tenure at the company and gives them a great head start.

Digitizing and automating the process helps to deliver the benefits listed above for the employee, but can also help to deliver additional benefits, such as:

  • Saving costs on administration
  • Saving time and effort by eliminating manual tasks
  • Eliminating errors
  • End-to-end overview of the process in one place
  • Connecting departments to ensure everyone is looped into the process
  • Ensuring compliance by following process

Automation should be used so that the human factor can be focused on. Less time spent on paperwork means more culture, connection, and clarification. Most organizations only focus on onboarding for a week, but that’s hardly enough time to get someone fully settled. You should continually track an employee’s progress and review how they are getting on.

Learn how to deliver a proactive onboarding experience with process automation

In this day and age, employees expect their onboarding experience to be proactive, and most importantly, demonstrative of the value the company places on them.

Read How to Improve the Employee Experience During Onboarding and discover how to ensure your new employee not only gets to work to satisfy your business needs immediately, but also help them feel comfortable and happy in their new role.

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