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CoachHub Insights Report: Demystifying the new ways of work

by Coachhub | Employee Benefits

In today’s digital age, the power shift from employer to employee has prompted organisations to re-examine their working practices. Over the past decade, employees have become increasingly focused on personal needs over those of the organisation, with an emphasis on development and work/life balance. This shift has contributed to a doubling of the voluntary turnover rate in the last ten years.

Many factors, including the COVID 19 pandemic, have accelerated the need for employers to quickly and effectively rethink their approaches to work. Organisations are grappling with the best strategies, programmes, and technologies to support their employees and drive their businesses forward in this new normal. Senior people leaders must keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the workplace, along with access to the tools and knowledge to effectively support their employees while driving business growth.

Check out ‘Demystifying the New Way of Work’ to understanding how to navigate this ever-changing landscape, including remote work, flexible schedules, and employee well-being.

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