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The dawn of digital HR over the past twenty years has brought both opportunities and challenges. HRD Connect provides analysis on both how to use technology such as AI to usher in a new level of strategic value for HR and how to tackle core frustrations such as navigating a sprawling network of HR tech vendors.

Josh Bersin: Why second generation AI systems “add the most value” to HR

Josh Bersin, global industry analyst and CEO of human capital advisory firm The Josh Bersin Company, breaks down emerging, first generation, and...

  • David James
  • 12m

Preventing procurement friction: How to attain approval when purchasing HR software

William Tincup addresses the friction between purchase and approval for HR technology, and how HR leaders can work with procurement...

Decoding HR Tech: Time to abandon the ATS to perfect the hiring process?

"ATS software is sold, not bought. You might hear or see great salesmanship that a tool promises to fix all your problems. The ATS are...

Data democratization: David Green on upskilling HR to become data-driven

David Green shares the best practices for data-driven HR, from communities of practice to data literacy, interpretation, and...

How Web3 will change HR

Digital HR

How Web3 will change HR

  • Jun 8, 2022
  • Simon Hochstrasser
HR in 2030: What does the future of HR look like?

Digital HR

HR in 2030: What does the future of HR look like?

  • Dec 17, 2021
  • Sage | Sponsored
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