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Managing culture change at scale, competing priorities, and an overwhelmed workforce

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Julia Tierney, CEO of Hive Learning, delivers her lightning talk live from HRD Collective 2022.

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As we enter our second ‘Big Reset’ in as many years, HR’s job has never been harder. Every year since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve had to continue to rapidly update and our culture change priorities. From inclusion, to resilience, to mental health, to sustainability, we’re asking both our leaders and our People teams to embed new behaviors all the time. But with higher levels of burnout and increasing workloads, there are only so many culture change programmes you can run (and people can absorb) at any given time.

In this practical lightning talk, we’ll share insight from managing 1000s of culture change programmes in enterprise organizations and share practical tips on how to juggle competing priorities and respond rapidly to changing needs.

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