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J. Murphy & Sons Limited on the principles of future of work strategy

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Discussing how J. Murphy & Sons is executing an effective future of work strategy is the firm’s group people director, Dawn Moore

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With a workforce ranging from construction apprentices to senior officers, based in a variety of settings, J. Murphy & Sons Limited has been able to minimise the recent disruption that has hampered so many other organisations.

That said, the construction company faces many of the same challenges that other businesses do; for instance, how to best incorporate new generations into the workforce? What are the best ways to communicate with different layers of the workforce? Plus, to what extent can an organisation prioritise values in immensely challenging conditions?

Discussing how J. Murphy & Sons has succeeded in recent times, and is executing an effective future of work strategy, is the company’s group people director, Dawn Moore. Having previously spoken at HRD events, and covered the importance of technology, transparency, and trust, Dawn explains the priorities of future of work strategy; reaching out to employees through a host of channels, ensuring effective leadership development, and a social responsibility in the projects they take on.

With organisations either implementing or preparing the return to work policy, and addressing risks and opportunities ahead, it’s vital to learn from an organisation that has embodied much sought after values, like flexibility and resilience.

Listen to the podcast to discover key insights on:

4.40 – The importance of values in determining strategy

5.28 – Why leadership development is a priority for organisations and professionals alike

7.50 – Devising an approach to communications that speaks to all employees

8.40 – Responding to larger trends, such as skills shortages and apprenticeship programmes

10.50 – The extent to which values evolve in changing conditions

13.10 – How J. Murphy & Sons expresses a social responsibility in its work

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